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Harvest Solar Energy LLC

Solar Power and Battery Backup Solutions

Installation services provided by Here Comes The Sun, LLC having electrical license #00198075

2022 Inflation Reduction Act increases federal solar tax credit to 30%! 


Harvest Solar is the top provider of grid-tied, off grid and battery back-up systems. With decades of experience, we are Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri's solar energy specialists who can make energy independence your reality.

About Us

Our motto lies in our company name:  Harvest Solar Energy.  All the energy we need for a comfortable life is provided to us everyday for free if we simply use our natural resources in a way to harvest it. Our company is made up of a small group of dedicated professionals that strive everyday to make a difference in the world by offering real solutions to your energy needs. With over 20 years of solar and wind power experience, our team has a wealth of product knowledge to offer you with a long history of successful installations in partnership with Here Comes The Sun LLC, providing the licensed electrical services.


The future of energy and the daunting thought of rising costs alongside the negative environmental impact can initially make the average person feel overwhelmed on where to start and how to start making a difference today. Allow us the opportunity to use our expertise in the field to offer you clarity as we work together to create a custom solution to meet your specific energy needs. One by one we will work together to make the future of our world be a better place. Let's start today.

John Miggins, President 

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Born and raised in Houston, TX with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and a Masters in Telecommunications, John channeled his passion for renewable energy when he founded Harvest Solar in 2002. John has lived in Tulsa, OK since 1977 and is a proud husband to his wife, Debbie, and father to three children. He has been a featured speaker at the Sierra Club, Texas Solar Energy Society, University of Houston, Oklahoma State University, and numerous architectural committee & organizational events. With over 20 years of solar experience, he has established himself as a respected expert in the solar industry.

About Us
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At Harvest Solar, we sell solutions to your energy needs.  Our products range from solar panels, inverters, battery storage, carports, attic fans,, skylights, and wind power, to electromagnetic pulse protection. We understand that each client's needs are unique. Reach out for a free consultation so we can discuss the best solutions for your energy needs today.

With over 20 years of experience in the solar industry, we take great pride in the relationships we have developed with several top solar suppliers to ensure that you are getting the highest-rated quality product in the market. The most sought after products we offer are listed below, however, if you have a specific brand in mind that’s not listed, please let us know as we can provide a wide variety of products.

  • Solar Panels:  Panasonic, Phono Solar, QCell, Canadian Solar,  and Mission Solar

  • Inverters:  Sol-Ark, Enphase, Generac, Fronius and SolarEdge

  • Batteries:  Sol-Ark, Fortress, Iron Edison and Generac

  • Back-Up Power Systems:  Sol-Ark, Generac and Kohler

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Federal Tax

Residential solar systems that begin construction in 2022  qualify for a 30% federal tax credit which continues for the next ten years.

Lower Electric


Varying levels of investments allow for a range of monthly savings. Click below to see an example of potential cost savings.

Reliable Power Insurance

Power outage? No problem. Investing in solar panels coupled with batteries or a generator will provide you with your own access to power in difficult times.

Environmental Impact

Going solar provides a means to conserve resources and improve the environment for current and future generations.

Drone view2.jpg

Savings: $3,341/yr

Electricity Production:

34,807 kWh / year

Edmond, OK

Pic 5.JPG
George R Brown Convention Ctr

Savings: $6,430/yr

Electricity Production:

79,079 kWh / year

Houston, TX


Savings: $2,974/yr

Electricity Production:

27,023 kWh / year

Oktaha, OK

Pic 13.JPG
PSO Headquarters

Savings: $3,226/yr

Electricity Production: 

35,848 / year

Tulsa, OK

Solar panels on roof.jpeg

Savings: $1,254/yr

Electricity Production:

10,455 kWh / year

Cookson, OK

Pic 11.JPG
Ross Group

Savings: $5,136/yr

Electricity Production:

52,360 kWh / year

Tulsa, OK

Pic 2.JPG
Largest Solar Home in TX

Savings: $3,728/yr

Electricity Production:

34,272 kWh / year

Houston, TX

Pic 3.JPG
Sapulpa Laundry

Savings: $2,510/yr

Electricity Production:

24,500 kWh / year

Sapulpa, OK

Pic 6.JPG
Solar Canopy System

Savings: $1,856/yr

Electricity Production:

18,560 kWh / year

Waxahachie, TX

Pic 12.JPG
Search Headquarters

Savings: $10,007/yr

Electricity Production:

90,979 kWh / year

Houston, TX

Pic 8.JPG
Modern Home

Savings: $1,644/yr

Electricity Production:

15,971 kWh / year

Houston, TX

Pic 14.JPG
DEQ Field Office

Savings: $1,586/yr

Electricity Production:

16,280 kWh / year

Edmond, OK

Guthrie Green 2.jpg
Guthrie Green

Savings: $4,401/yr

Electricity Production:

54,925 kWh / year

Tulsa, OK

Pic 7.JPG

Savings: $1,250/yr

Electricity Production:

12,450 kWh / year

Muskogee, OK

Pic 9.JPG

Savings: $560/yr

Electricity Production: 

5,245 / year

Harrah, OK

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Sustainable Energy
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